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Dead at 33 is an exploration of the process of grief. Grief remains ever-present, only softens, and becomes manageable. An archive can not only be a representation of a person, but it can also act as a representation of loss. Using images, sound, and video from a personal archive collected of a dead friend, I recreate the visceral mundanity of grief - its anger and its dubious enchantment—the pull of the darkness and its pillow-like comfort.

Meditation on Overcomsumption is a feeble attempt to find peace in the Anthropocene. Referencing the tradition of watching a candle flicker to fall into a meditative state, I pour oil into water and simulate passing thoughts with sound and video. I imagine the earth focusing on balancing with humankind - at some points the 2 liquids seeming to almost blend in harmony, but the final result - oil on top of water, trying to fill an impossible space.

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